Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Automated Packaging Solutions for Fresh Produce

Fresh fruit and vegetables need to be packaged carefully to avoid damaging the produce while also preventing contamination. Flexible packaging is an economical, sanitary way to bag a wide variety of produce.

With a Viking Masek packaging machine, you can package kiwis, carrots and even salad mixes in a variety of food-safe, flexible bags.

The huge variety of VFFS bag styles available make vertical baggers an attractive option for packaging fresh produce. Doy packs with zippers, perforated flat bottom bags and classic pillow style bags are all great for presenting fruit and vegetables on store shelves.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Consumer and Food Service Fruit and Veggie Bagging Machines

Whether you need big, bulk bags for industrial use or smaller, single  serving sizes of fresh apple slices for a fast food menu option, Viking  Masek has the machine for you. Our baggers include models able to make  extra-large bags, set world records for packaging speed and  jack-of-all-trade workhorses.

Designed with minimal maintenance requirements and tool free changeovers, Viking Masek’s vertical form fill seal machines will stay in operation with little downtime.

With storage for over 100 product recipes, changing the machine from  producing bags of fresh spinach to sweet pepper packages is quick and  easy. Add a Viking Masek machine to your fresh produce packaging system  for a robust, flexible machine you can depend on.

Pillow Bag


Quad Seal Bag

Quad Seal

Flat Bottom Bag

Flat Bottom

Doy Pack

Doy Pack

Premade Pouch Bag

Premade Pouch