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Packaging machinery innovations are paramount to the future of Viking and of packaging.
Innovative technologies allow for customizeable machinery for clients' exact needs.

Innovative Machinery

We're known for providing innovative machinery and packaging solutions for our clients.

Viking Masek partners with clients nationwide looking to change the way they're currently packaging their goods. Unique packaging stands out on the shelf; innovative packaging machinery stands out in the packaging world in some major ways:

  • Increased efficiency and profitability
  • More production time
  • Packaging technology breakthroughs
  • Seal quality and integrity
  • Machine reliability

Our machinery is made of stainless steel; it's durable and built to last. Specific innovations to our jaws and pull belt pulleys create the best possible seal and very little wear on the machine, leading to less downtime. Innovative engineering advances are constantly being applied to machine software to get the absolute best efficiency from each machine. This means better production and more profitablity for our clients. 

Our focus on innovations in seal quality and speed means less waste, cleaner packaging environments, and high-quality product being delivered to your buyers when you choose a Viking Masek machine.

In addition, Viking Masek is committed to providing the latest in packaging machinery innovations when it comes to new machinery to meet growing needs. Whether you need to package a brand new product or package more bags at once than you've ever done before, we're on top of bringing you the latest in available machinery. 

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Innovative Service

Configuration and troubleshooting are all included with installation and continued partnership.

Viking Masek's Service Department and Engineers are second-to-none. Not only does Viking Masek's team of sales consultants and project managers ensure that our clients' needs are met from first contact to installation, our Service Department also works tirelessly to ensure minimal downtime if training or maintenance are required. In fact, 99% of our service calls can be answered and fixed remotely over the phone, via video chat, or by our Engineers accessing the software remotely from our location. We understand that downtime for our clients costs them money. Therefore, we provide a quality, tested product upon installation and provide service to maintain that equipment as long as it's in use.

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Viking Masek's innovative service offerings include full set-up and configuration.

Packaging Innovations at Trade Shows

We'll be featuring the latest in innovative packaging machines and bagging solutions at trade shows across the United States. Stop by Viking Masek's booths to learn about:

  • Successful clients who utilize Viking Masek machinery to efficiently package all types of products, both food and non-food
  • Attractive packaging options to meet today's buyers' demands
  • Innovative trends in application-specific packaging available now
Pack Expo Las Vegas 2017
Don't get left behind as packaging innovations move forward.

See Us on The Discovery Channel's Innovations

The Discovery Channel has for many years been a leader in highlighting companies that are taking innovation and thought leadership to new heights. Needless to say, we were both honored and excited when the Discovery Channel Innovations team wanted to highlight Viking Masek for the work we’re doing. Who would think a packaging manufacturer from a small town in Wisconsin would have such an exciting opportunity to be in the national spotlight as an industry leader in this exciting series