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 Mello Joy Coffee

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Facing a down economy and rising costs resulting from outsourcing their packaging, Mello Joy came to a realization: They must bring their coffee packaging in-house to remain viable as a business. Without any knowledge of exactly how to achieve that goal, they sought out expert guidance. Here's how they turned their business around:


 Death Wish Coffee


Between increased marketing from advertising during football's biggest game and already flush volumes of orders, continuing to hand-pack was not a long-term solution for Death Wish Coffee. Their business was growing enough to support the purchase of automated packaging solutions.


Gibbsville Cheese


Gibbsville Cheese was in the market for a new packaging machine. Their previous machine from another packaging OEM, while still functional, was bulky and tall, and didn’t meet their needs for versatility and growth. They needed a durable machine that could package multiple products and fit in a compact space.


Gourmet Coffee


A boutique coffee company started as a very small operation with the goal of producing the best coffee in Ohio. As word of their delectable Columbian blend spread, they began experiencing rapid growth. They started packaging and selling their coffee to customers all across the country, but were having trouble packing it fast enough.


Coffee Fractional Packs


A Tampa, FL based coffee wholesaler was looking to expand its offering. Their normal VFFS machines could put whole bean and coffee grounds into a single bag, but this company wanted a way to offer their product in a ready-to-brew filter bag. Multiple filter bags needed to be packaged in one larger, overwrap bag at high speeds.


Cheese Crackers: Contract Packager


A contract packaging company based in Illinois needed an efficient and ultra-fast packaging solution to package snack crackers for their client, a large food and beverage producer. The packing machine should be able to run all types of bag styles and sizes, as the contract packager will run a multitude of SKUs on the machine in the future.




For a leading peanut company in North Carolina, attractive packaging of their shelled and in-shell snacks for ballparks and grocery stores was important to maximizing brand loyalty. When they needed to add a new VFFS machine to their packaging operations, they went looking for equipment capable of reliably producing beautiful pillow bags.


Dry Pet Food


An Amarillo, TX based pet food producer known for high quality cat and dog food was looking for a way to bag its dry kibble offerings. The packages would need to be strong, easy to open and attractive. After all, a company proudly selling the best pet food ever needs to package the food appropriately.


Shredded Cheese


A nationwide producer of fresh vegetables decided to expand its product line by offering cheese. The shredded and grated cheese would need to be bagged on a new machine into 5.5” wide pillow bags with important lot information and expiration dates printed on the package.


Jelly Beans


When a leading manufacturer of gourmet jelly beans needed a high speed packaging machine to keep up with demand, they had their work cut out for them. They required a machine capable of producing hundreds of bags every minute, a rapid, accurate scale system and a way of keeping the packaging line running with minimal oversight.


Sugar Packets


A Canadian food company known for making ready-to-eat meals, including salads, desserts and full dinners, wanted a quick, reliable packaging machine to make sugar packets. The search was on for a machine capable of keeping up with demand without sacrificing quality.


Powdered Drink Mix


A California-based manufacturer of powdered mixes, provides the food industry with a wide variety of blended powders, including bakery mixes, spice blends and even dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Well known for their high quality powders and long product shelf life, the company needed a machine capable of packaging their instant drink mixes economically and reliably.


Raw Poultry


A Georgia-based supplier of chicken meat ships fresh, frozen, breaded and pre-cooked chicken around the world. As part of their packaging operations, they needed a sanitary vertical bagger for their fresh poultry products. Since fresh chicken is sold in many different styles, the machine should also be able to change from packing thighs to drumsticks to whole birds without much downtime.




When a Yakima, WA based hops producer needed a new VFFS packaging machine for its diverse line of fresh hops, they already knew where to go. Viking Masek had supplied the company with the S650 vertical form fill seal machine they were currently using.




When a multi-national supplier of food products as diverse as animal feed, candy, salt and pharmaceuticals needed a packaging machine to handle everything, they had their work cut out for them. Not only would the machine need to achieve high speeds with a variety of products, it would also need to switch from one item to another with minimal downtime.


Seed Packets


A perennial plant farm started out as a small, family-operated company in Michigan. After making a worldwide impact on anti-hunger campaigns, they became a leader in garden seed packet production. As demand for their seeds grew, they needed an economical, dependable way to produce seed packets for gardeners nationwide.


Aquarium Gravel


With the pet trade growing, a Colorado based major supplier of sand and gravel for the hobby market needed to expand their packaging line to keep up with demand. Flexible packagingwas the obvious choice for their natural and colored stones. Picking the right machine to bag their products was a bit more difficult.


Fertilizer Packets


A floral supply company based in Kokomo, Indiana, needed a faster way to pack and seal their powdered flower fertilizer. A leading provider of floral supplies, this company knew its old packing system couldn’t keep up with current demand.




When a leading producer of frozen bread products wanted to make desserts like cinnamon rolls in their Columbus, WI production facility, they needed new equipment. While their existing machines could make the rolls, no cinnamon bun is complete without cream cheese frosting on top.


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