Rotary Premade Pouch Machines

Single, Dual, and Four Lane Rotary Premade Pouch Packing Machines

"Unlike our competitors, we weren't satisfied with simple, standard mechanical drives on our premade pouch machines. We've developed proprietary technologies that use the latest Allen Bradley components and servo drives to improve performance and increase output by as much as 50%. -Viking Masek President Rick Leonhard 

Differing from our vertical form fill and seal machinery that utilizes roll stock film to create bags, our new line of pouch packing machines offer something completely different. These innovative packaging machines fill and seal already premade custom pouches, so no rollstock is required. The end result is that your packaged product looks modern, offers convenience, and differentiates itself from your competition. The pouch packing machine is making waves in many industries including pet food, natural and organic products, and snacks.


Simplex Models


Simplex premade pouch packing machines fill and seal custom premade pouches, one at a time, at speeds of up to 60 cycles per minute.

Duplex Models


Duplex premade pouch packing machines fill and seal custom premade pouches, two at a time, at speeds of up to 120 cycles per minute.

Quadruplex Models


Quadruplex premade pouch packing machines fill and seal custom premade pouches, up to four at a time, at speeds of up to 200 cycles per minute.

Considering Adding Premade Pouch Packaging Capabilities to Your Production?

With demand for convenient, modern premade pouch packaging growing and the competition growing even faster, efficiency is key to maintaining your margin and growing your market share.

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Innovative Packaging Solutions

The Discovery Channel has for many years been a leader in highlighting companies that are taking innovation and thought leadership to new heights. Needless to say, we were both honored and excited when the Discovery Channel Innovations team wanted to highlight Viking Masek for the work we’re doing. Who would think a pouch packing machine manufacturer from a small town in Wisconsin would have such an exciting opportunity to be in the national spotlight as an industry leader in this exciting series?