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Viking Masek provides long-lasting, low maintenance, sustainable packaging machinery.

Machinery Built to Last

Viking Masek's rugged and durable machinery means peace of mind for our customers. Its stainless steel design and innovative engineering means an incredibly long-lasting, low-maintenance experience for packagers of natural and organic products in all industries. Our sustainable machines are truly buy-for-life machines, and we pride ourselves on those long-term relationships over the life of your packaging needs.

Our focus on innovation in seal quality and speed means less waste, more production time, and longer-lasting quality products being delivered to your buyers when you choose a Viking Masek machine. In addition, our team of packaging experts are standing by to assist with any new needs you have and to upgrade the machinery as new technologies are developed.

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Green Packaging to Match

NVIRO-Pouch---Tree-.gifViking Masek packaging partner Eagle Flexible Packaging provides renewable materials for packaging needs.

We partner with a number of packaging film and bag companies, and chief among them when it comes to renewable, compostable flexible packaging is Eagle Flexible Packaging. Flexible packaging utilizes less material, costs less to produce and buy, and produces less waste than rigid packaging. In addition, innovations in reusable, recycleable, eco-friendly packaging, like Eagle's NVIRO Flexible Packaging product offering, mean a greater opportunity for natural product packagers to make everything about their product a full-circle low-impact product.


From Hand-Packing to Automation

Making the move from hand-packing to automating packaging of your natural product is a big step, and we understand that at Viking Masek. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process, from identifying the need, to choosing the right machine, to connecting you with bag, film, or flexible packaging experts, to finally final delivery of your configured machine, built to your specifications. 

Read our case study from a recent new client who went through the same process.

Viking Client Expands from Hand-Packing to Automation with VFFS Machine
Viking Masek: high quality machinery for high quality products.

Natural and Organic Products Packaging

From organic coffee to veggie chips to all natural baby food, you can trust Viking Masek machinery to create the perfect seal every time to maintain the freshness and integrity of your natural and organic products. From farm to table, we have your product covered.