Testimonial: Cheese Packaging Success

Wisconsin Cheese Company Purchases Very First Viking VFFS Packaging Machine

Gibbsville Cheese VFFS Packaging Machine.jpg 

Pictured from left to right: Gibbsville Cheese Owner Phil Van Tatenhove and Viking Masek President and Co-owner Rick Leonhard

"I didn't do any research before selecting the Viking machine, I didn't need to do any. The entire process, from specifying my requirements to purchase to installation, was done with my needs top of mind. I use one word to describe the experience: Easy." -Phil Van Tatenhove, Owner: Gibbsville Cheese

Read the case study for Gibbsville Cheese here:

Download the Gibbsville Cheese case study.

Fun fact: Gibbsville Cheese purchased the very first Viking VFFS packaging machine in 2006. It still operates with all original parts except for the sealing jaws, which were just replaced for the first time in late 2016. Phil comments, "I don't even know the names of Viking's service techs, because I never need to call them. And that's how it should be."